Diversity in outdoor fitness


Outdoor gyms are the perfect addition to the standard sports accommodations in a city or community. Gooik, near Brussels, discovered the benefits and immediately called for new outdoor fitness systems for its inhabitants. By combining equipment of different series, the park answers to the diversity of the municipality. For the realization of this outdoor gym, Gooik chose OFS (Outdoor Fitness Systems). “The park exists of different sorts of equipment and is thereby unique”, says Hilde Claes (OFS). “The standard equipment is suitable for the recreational athlete. The street workout or calisthenics setup is mostly known from YouTube and BAR-CODE on Belgium’s got talent. This setup exists of crossbars and benches on which athletes can train all muscle groups using their own bodyweight. The additional cross fit elements, like battle rope rings, complete this park.” The concept evolved from a small idea into a big project. The sports site already includes of a running track, athletics track, skatepark and multi-sports field. Thanks to the personal approach and support, the park is now perfectly aligned with the needs of the community. “Every inhabitant can workout at their own level. A combination of various exercises and equipment can be made, depending on your personal goal. From gym class to physiotherapy.” Thanks to this sports park, indoor sports also go outside. Athletes who practice ball sports in team can go outside for warming up exercises. Exercising in nature is not only fun but also ensures a healthy resistance and a good dose of vitamin D. The park gets Gooik moving, from young to old. “OFS offers a combined setup where 16 athletes can train at the same time”, says Walter Tielemans, sports officer. “The QR codes on each equipment make sure the equipment is used correctly and their own maintenance team guarantees a high quality.” From a slow warm-up to a high intensity crossfit, Outdoor Fitness Systems provides it all.

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OFS equipment in the finals of Belgium’s Got Talent


Whoever thinks that outdoor fitness equipment is only used by seniors, is completely wrong. The athletes of BAR-CODE amazed the audience and the judges during the shows of Belgium’s Got Talent with their calisthenics workout, using the equipment of Outdoor Fitness Systems (OFS). Calisthenics is a collective name for all exercises using bodyweight. Each athlete pulls, carries and pushes his own body and gets fit in a versatile way. The exercises don’t just improve your strength, but also your coordination and flexibility. OFS supplies benches, monkey bars and pull up bars to enable a multitude of exercises. The guys of BAR-CODE use this equipment in different setups. They mix calisthenics, free running, gymnastics and bodybuilding to convince the audience to give them a golden buzzer. This combination sent them straight to the studio shows. The shows got better, more dangerous and even more spectacular, so they easily made it to the finals (that they unfortunately didn’t win). BAR-CODE trains at their own outdoor gym in Leuven. OFS takes care of sales, placement and maintenance of all the equipment.

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