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It is very important for children and young people to be able to remain active on a daily basis. That’s why OFS developed the ideal customised school workout, even for the youngest users. The equipment stimulates balance, agility, coordination, strength, and condition. 

gezondheid voordeel outdoor fitness


A school workout familiarises children and young people with exercising. The exercises give the body and mind energy and increase the ability to concentrate in class.  

sociale interactie voordeel outdoor fitness

Social stimulation

Exercising together outside stimulates the social contact and group feeling between the students. Outdoor fitness makes exercising fun and enjoyable for all students. 

brede inzetbaarheid outdoor fitness

Wide-ranging utility

The low-threshold outdoor fitness equipment fits within the diversity of a school. Each student can use the equipment at their own level.

op maat outdoor fitness

Customised range

The equipment is specially designed for the youngest users. The layout and size of the park will be tailored to your school in consultation with you.  


All outdoor equipment meets the highest safety standards for fitness equipment and playground equipment, and is TÜV approved. In addition, they are weatherproof and robust.

verhuur outdoor fitness toestellen


It is possible to rent certain equipment for a short period of time. This way, the students can get to know the equipment and test it out a bit beforehand.