Become our ambassador!!

What is an ambassador?

As an ambassador you represent OFS and calisthenics. You are very fanatic about your sport and our product. You like to talk about your personal experience and you help build a positive image of calisthenics and OFS with love and trust.


What do we expect of you?

  • Whenever you train in an OFS-park you post a picture/video on social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) and give us a tag.
  • You share our social media posts.
  • You give us permission to use your photos and videos for promotional purposes on online and offline channels (social media, exhibitions, brochures, information folders…). We will mention you or your team when doing so (on social media).
  • When we are going out to take pictures, you happily join as a model. Some of these pictures will be used for promo. You will receive all photos and videos made.
  • At the opening of a new calisthenics park in your area, you enthusiastically give a demonstration or workshop.
  • If you hear about a project you mention our company and let us know who to contact.  More calisthenics parks for everyone! 
  • Any new ideas? Let us know! We are open for suggestions.


None of the above is an obligation! We let you know when something takes place and you decide whether you join or not.

Extra: this summer we will build a pop-up fitness park and go to several locations in Belgium (locations unknown at the moment). The park will be there for 2 days and on the second day we want people to give workshops and demonstrations. The second day will always be a Wednesday but the exact dates are not known yet.


Want to become part of our team? Send us following information to


First + last name



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